When school is out for the summer, we welcome a significant increase in the number of school-age children in our programs. That means that KidsFirst is in need of more healthy snacks to keep our kids comfortable and satiated. We all know that kids learn better, retain more, and enjoy a longer attention span when their tummies aren’t rumbling.
Please consider hosting a snack drive in your neighborhood or place of business to re-stock our shelves. It’s easy…just pick up a branded box from one of our offices, collect snacks over a designated time period, and deliver the snacks to our location(s).
Preferred snacks include:
  • mandarins
  • individual bags of sliced apples
  • Chex mix
  • Honest juice boxes
  • fruit gummies
  • bananas
In Auburn, we could also use a small refrigerator to keep any perishable snacks chilled as needed. Out littlest clients thank you!

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