Programs and Services

We offer no cost, innovative programs that aim to keep children safe from harm. Direct KidsFirst services include child and family therapy, healing therapy, parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), postpartum depression therapy, after-school youth enrichment, peer-to-peer mentoring, tutoring, support groups, parenting classes, in-home parent education, health insurance and CalFresh enrollment assistance. Community workshops, parent leadership training, referrals and resources are also available.

We provide free, friendly, accessible community hubs so families have a lasting network of wellness and support. We provide concrete support to children and families in times of need. We recognize and respond to early warning signs of child abuse and neglect, value and support parents, foster support among families, and strengthen parenting. We also respond to crises, link families to services, opportunities, and provide tools that enhance social and emotional development. The programs and services that we offer are enhancing family functions, improving health/well-being, and stabilizing home environments. Most importantly we are decreasing the risks of child maltreatment, ultimately creating strong, vibrant communities.

Our programs and services fall into three categories:   

Education and Outreach

Information and Referrals

Family Wellness