Home Visiting Initiative

Placer County Health and Human Services was recently awarded a grant to implement a new initiative to support impoverished families. In collaboration with First 5 Placer, KidsFirst will be providing the service to these local families. 

Home visiting is a voluntary, evidence-based program that pairs new parents with a parent educator or trained professional who makes regular visits to the participant’s home to provide guidance, coaching and access to health and social services.

Through referrals from CalWORKs we will be providing in-home visits aimed at supporting positive health development and well-being outcomes for pregnant and parenting women, their families and infants with the ultimate goal of expanding their future educational, economic, and financial opportunities and improving the likelihood that they will exit poverty. 

  • prenatal, infant and toddler care
  • infant and child nutrition
  • child developmental screening and assessments
  • parent education, parent and child interaction
  • child development
  • child care and job readiness
  • domestic violence and sexual assault, mental health, and substance abuse treatment

For eligibility information, please contact us by calling (916)774-6802.

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