Child Abuse Prevention

Incredible Years

Award Winning Parenting Class

An evidence-based parent training series for parents of children ages 2-12, is designed to strengthen parenting skills, promote children’s academic, social & emotional competencies as well as reduce children’s aggressive behavior. Each class is 2-hours & held at local partner sites or at KidsFirst Family Resource Centers. KidsFirst’s therapy team & case management staff are trained to serve as class leaders. Pre-registration is required.

Active Parenting Now

Award Winning Parenting Class

Active Parenting of Teens will give you the guidance and support you need to turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. You will learn; methods of respectful discipline, skills for clear honest communication, concrete strategies to prevent risky behavior, how to be an encouraging parent, and much more. Plus insight into important issues such as teen online, bullying, and depression. Pre-Registration is required.


Forever Fathers

For Fathers, By Fathers

Forever Father’s is a unique program designed for the fathers of our community. Forever Fathers provides fathers and male caregivers a time to talk about the challenges that fathers have including stress, anger, depression, relationship problems, and parenting.


Cooperative Parenting

Court Approved Class

Learn to make a peaceful transition from parents to co-parents with this helpful course. Through this program you will learn how to: shield your children from parental conflict, manage your anger, negotiate peacefully with your child’s other parent, and establish a positive, long-term relationship as “co-parents”.

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