About Us


About Us

As the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) for Placer county with over 25 years of history, KidsFirst is unique due to its expertise and experience, providing a wide variety of prevention programs for children & families. APRIL is the official month of Child Abuse Prevention while BLUE is the official color & the PINWHEEL is the official symbol.

KidsFirst functions as a single point of entry for information and referrals to an array of family support programs and services.  We provide no-cost, friendly, accessible community hubs so families have a lasting network of wellness and support.  We foster support among families and strengthen parent/child interaction. We respond to crises and link families to needed services. We are decreasing the risks of child maltreatment and creating strong, vibrant communities.

KidsFirst works closely with other community-based organizations and county agencies to ensure effective service delivery to meet the needs of children, families, and individuals in the community. KidsFirst facilitates a monthly campaign for community wellness meeting, gathering service recipients, community-based organizations, and county agencies to further refine and define the continued need for services. As the CAPC, KidsFirst conducts quarterly community forums to address and resolve issues with our county and community partners.

Who We Serve

84,419 children resided in Placer County in 2013. Of that number, a total of 3,325 child abuse &/ or neglect allegations were made. Last year, KidsFirst served nearly 3,700 children & 2,500 families through our direct programs & services. We serve a vast & diverse population within Placer County Select programs & services are available in Sacramento County All services are FREE All services are CONFIDENTIAL All services are available in SPANISH

KidsFirst receives client referrals through partnerships with public and community-based organizations such as Child Welfare System and Placer County Victim Services Center. We also receive referrals from schools, courts, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare providers. KidsFirst reaches out to the community to raise awareness and accessibility.  KidsFirst reached 8,500 individuals by participating in over 270 community outreach events.

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